I am writing about the formerly announced BSHS Edinburgh annual conference 2019. I regret to say that BSHS Council have come to the conclusion that it is best if the Edinburgh conference does not go ahead. Instead, BSHS will have a presence at the Science in Public conference in Manchester, 10-12 July, where our EGM will be hosted, and will be seeking to develop other, medium-scale, conferences in the 16 months before the next annual conference at Aberystwyth in 2020.

Please note that the call for contributions for Science in Public is open until 29th March. For all details, go to: https://sip2019.com/

The primary reason for calling off the Edinburgh conference is that there were concerns about cost, and also about the proximity of at least two other competing conferences – HSS in Utrecht and Science in Public, both of which were well advanced – and the uncertainty that Brexit might potentially dissuade overseas delegates from attending. In short, we believe that we risked an undersubscribed conference at an expensive and rather large venue.

With best wishes, and apologies for any disappointment. We will seek to return to Edinburgh in a future year.

Dr Tim Boon,

President, BSHS