Metaphysics, Ontology and the Science-Religion Debate

Workshop in memory of Professor Mariano Artigas

London, 7-9 May 2009

The Thomas More Institute of London, in collaboration with the Research Group for Faith, Reason and Science (CRYF) at the University of Navarra and the STOQ III Project of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, is running a two-day workshop organised in memory of Professor Mariano Artigas on the topic of ‘Metaphysics, Ontology and the Science-Religion Debate’. The workshop is open to theologians, philosophers and historians of science, as well as experimental scientists, who wish to discuss the role of metaphysics and ontology in the understanding and clarification of science-religion debates, especially in the English-speaking tradition. Postgraduate students in the later stages of their doctorates are also welcome.

The workshop will distribute papers and contributions in four areas:

a.. Historical origins of the demise of metaphysics in relations between science and religion

b.. Epistemological questions on the relationship between science and religion

c.. Metaphysical foundations in the Natural sciences

d.. The popularisation of metaphysics

Confirmed speakers

a.. William Carroll (University of Oxford, UK)

b.. Marie George (St John’s University, US)

c.. Karl Giberson (Eastern Nazarene College and Gordon College, US)

d.. Thomas Glick (Boston University, US)

e.. Steve Fuller (University of Warwick, UK)

f.. Martinez J. Hewlett (University of Arizona, US)

g.. Rafael Martinez (Pontifical University Santa Croce, Italy)

h.. Jitse M. van der Meer (Redeemer College, Canada)

i.. Roger Trigg (University of Warwick and University of Oxford, UK)

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