Michaelmas Term 2013 Seminar Series

At: The Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford

Coffee is available from 2.00pm – Seminars begin at 2.15pm prompt

‘Structures of Medical Knowledge’
Conveners: Drs Erica Charters and Elise Smith

Week 5 – 11 November
Seth LeJacq, Johns Hopkins University
Reading the Sodomitical Body: Medical and Lay Body Evidence in English Homosexual Sex Crimes Trials, 1700-1850
This paper examines the legal contributions of both medical and lay witnesses relating to homosexual sex and the bodies of “sodomites” and the sodomized in England in the long eighteenth century. It argues that medical evidence played a limited role in prosecutions, while vernacular body knowledge was of much greater importance. This vernacular knowledge reveals the ways in which “nameless offenses” were understood in straightforward, universal, and easily-understood and -explained terms.

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