Modern Medicines: New Perspectives in Pharmaceutical History October 17-18, 2008

American Institute of the History of Pharmacy Rennebohm Hall University of Wisconsin Madison, WI 53705

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The evolution of the modern pharmaceutical enterprise over the long twentieth century from its early intersection with the image and later the structure of scientific research, to its dramatic postwar expansion and late-century saturation of medical and marketing media has implications that stretch far beyond the traditional history of pharmacy and medicine to impact broader social, cultural, economic, business, legal, regulatory, and political developments. This conference seeks to foster and reflect on the growing body of pharmaceutical scholarship across historical disciplines and encourage novel theoretical and methodological developments by featuring newer scholars alongside more established figures in the field.

Some travel funds will be available for graduate students, and established scholars interested in using the resources of the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy can apply for travel funds through the Sonnedecker Visiting Scholar Program of the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy (see for further information). AIHP Conference Planning Committee: Jeremy Greene, Dominique Tobbell, Arthur Daemmrich, Michael Flannery, Elaine Stroud, and Greg Higby.

Registration $95 (includes all conference activities including reception, Continental breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch workshop, and dinner). For registration forms and program information, please check the website <> for updates.


Friday, October 17

3 PM Introduction and Welcome Keynote Address: Elizabeth Siegel Watkins

4  5:30 PM Welcome Reception at the Ebling Library Rare Book Room

Saturday, October 18

8:30  10:30 AM

Panel 1: Research and Development

Judy Slinn (Strategy and structure in the pharmaceutical industry 1945-2007; The rise and fall of a business model?)

Viviane Quirk (From Laboratory Life to National Systems of Innovation: Culture as a tool for Understanding the Evolution of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Twentieth Century)

Christoph Gradmann, (Magic Bullets and Moving Targets: Antibiotic Resistance before the Event 1900-1940)

Nicolas Rasmussen, (Understanding Allied Amphetamine Use in the Second World War)

10:45  12:15

Panel 2: Regulation and Governance

Mary Schaffer Conroy, (State-owned Soviet Pharmaceutical Enterprises)

Daniel P. Carpenter and Dominique Tobbell, (The Emergence and Legacy of Bioequivalence)

Shera Moxley, (Odyssey of a Biotech Drug: Leukine, 1981-1993)

12:15  2:15 PM

Lunch Roundtable: Pharmaceutical History Methodology

Frank R. Lichtenberg, (The Effect of Chemotherapy Innovation on Cancer Survival, 1991-2003)

Benoit Majerus, (How Patients Experience the Introduction of Psychoactive Drugs, 50s and 60s)

Maki Umemura, (Between Two Cultures: Banyu Pharmaceutical Co., 1915-2004)

Michael Oldani, (A Brief history (anthropological) of Critical Pharmacy Studies)

2:30- 4:15 PM

Panel 3: Pharmaceutical Marketing

Andrew Godley, (Merck and the Emergence of Ethical Marketing in Pharmaceuticals)

David Herzberg, (Direct to consumer advertising)

Kalman Applbaum, (Adoption of the Circulatory Model for Product Development and Dissemination in the Pharmaceutical Industry)

Matthew Hersch, (Marketing Stelazine to Disturbed America, 1958-1980)

4:30-5:30 PM

Summary Session

Harry M. Marks, (The Secret Lives of Drugs: What are the questions? What are the answers?)

Dominique Tobbell, Jeremy Greene, Arthur Daemmrich, (Wrap-up comments from session chairs)

7:30 PM

Informal Dinner at Wisconsins historic Red Gym