Museums and Galleries History Group Second Symposium

Negotiating Museum and Gallery History

The Museums and Galleries History Group will hold its next symposium at Newcastle University on September 7th and 8th 2006 on the theme negotiating museum and gallery history. This is a chance to review the nature and roles of museum and gallery history, looking at: trends in and uses of museum and gallery historiography and attempts to link contemporary museological concerns (such as access, inclusion, diversity, restitution etc.) to historical precedents. The proceedings will also focus on the ways in which museums and galleries today work with (or against) their historic identities, buildings, collections, displays and the historical paradigms of knowledge, culture and society inherent within them.

Speakers include academics such as Sam Alberti, Chris Whitehead and Catherine Lewis and museum professionals such as Liz Hyde and Lindy Gilliland. Papers range in focus from the significance of architectural adaptation in historic museums and galleries to the problems of producing contemporary displays in historic settings and aspects of the history of museum education. There will also be a visit to BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, whose archivist will discuss the documentation of the Centre’s own past and present.

The registration fee is £30 for MGHG members and £40 for non-members. The programme and booking form can be downloaded at the Museum and Gallery History Group’s website, . The registration fee includes lunches, tea and coffee and attendance at a wine reception at Newcastle University’s Hatton Gallery.