The Digital World Research Centre at the University of Surrey is pleased to announce two days of activities in October culminating in the Loebner Prize Contest:

– On Friday 17th October, there’ll be a workshop – “Let’s Talk” focusing on the human and social aspects of natural language interfaces. It will be multi-disciplinary, bringing together researchers from a wide area of expertise: as well as those from HCI, psychology, and computing, we expect contributors from sociology, economics, anthropology, science and technology studies, and innovation studies. Entries close 27th June. For the call for papers and registration form, please see:

– In the morning of Saturday 18th October, there’ll be a workshop and panel discussion – Bots mean Business – with invited speakers for a business audience: see

– And finally, in the afternoon of Saturday 18th October, the Loebner Prize Contest will be held. This contest is based on Turing’s 1950 paper, “Computing machinery and Intelligence”, which considered the question “Can machines think?”. This Contest, sponsored by Dr Hugh Loebner, has been running annually since 1990. Entries for this year’s Contest close on 30 June. For more information, see