Call for Papers

Network of Health of the European Social Science History Association
Conference (ESSHC), at Ghent, Belgium, 13 – 16 April 2010.

Proposals are invited for panels or individual papers of any subject
dealing with the social history of health. While individual papers are
welcome, panels consisting of three or – preferably –  four contributors
and one chair and discussant (who can be the same person) have a higher
chance of being accepted. We particularly encourage panels organised
around a central theme with papers covering different perspectives on this
theme, especially those with comparative approach, bringing together
contributions on different regions and / or time periods. Panel
participants should come from different institutes and preferably from
different countries. We reserve the right to re-arrange panels and
contributors as appears necessary in view of the incoming applications.

Suggestions are particularly encouraged on the topics listed below. But
proposals on other topics are very welcome as well.

1. Global Health – Possible sub-themes: travels of disease; the ecological
imperialism revisited; globalisation; plague, cholera, Aids, SARS .

2. Temporary health issues: the emergence and disappearance of perceived
medical topics.

3. Occupational Health – including injuries, insurance, long-term health
hazards .

4. Health as Commodity – Themes: developments of the market for
medication, health foods and other health products; interaction between
physicians, scientists and businessmen

5. Health in numbers – presenting ways of interpreting historical health
data, either as case studies or from a theoretical point of view.

6. Nutrition as Health Factor – how has it interacted with cultural,
economic and ideological aspects?

7. Health and warfare – how has health interacted with the – historically
common – situation of warfare (war injuries, blockades, bacteriological

8. Health and normality – how have common conceptions changed about
healthy, normal, sub-normal or pathological conditions?

9. Health in non-Western societies – addressing themes of health and
medicine in societies outside of Europe and non-indigenous North America
and Australia.

10. History of health as interdisciplinary project – room for overlap and
cooperation with medicine, biology, economics, political science .

Panel chairs can also act as discussants. Discussants have an important
role in stimulating discussions, which should take up a substantial part
of the panel time. They can identify central issues of the papers, point
of similarities and differences, raise individual or general questions or
otherwise broaden the perspective on the overall themes of the panels

The deadline is May 1, 2009.

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For questions, suggestions etc., please write to:
Enrique Perdiguero-Gil: [email protected]
Iris Borowy: [email protected]