New date and deadline STM Conference: Challenging hyperprofessionalism The intradisciplinarity of science, technology, medicine and climate studies

Place and time: Building 1252, Room 310(Lecture Hall 4 in Søauditorierne, from 9 AM to 5 PM

One of the biggest challenges in contemporary science, technology and medicine studies is breaking down the often watertight shudders between our disciplines. The highly successful professionalization of historical, sociological, anthropological, philosophical and literary studies of science, technology and medicine has brought about many advances and produced a host of invaluable results and insights. But it has also in many regards made us blind to the obvious benefits of talking to each other across disciplines, trying out others’ well-tested tools in new academic environments and simply learning about recent developments from others who are studying science, technology and medicine from a different perspective. There are many good reasons for knowing your neighbors. One of the most obvious is that it will make us all better at what we are doing and, hopefully, challenge the dangers of hyperprofessionalism that were are all facing.

The Aarhus Network for Science, Technology and Medicine Studies is hosting a one-day conference addressing the intradisciplinarity of our fields on the 10 December 2008, at Aarhus University. To present the richness of what is going on across the disciplines we invite research based papers or posters, including work-in-progress, broadly within science, technology and medicine studies. Furthermore the STM network offers 1 ECTS point to PhD-students for a presentation at the conference. We encourage participant to address the questions of intradisciplinarity, but this is not a prerequisite for having a presentation accepted. There will be a total of 20 minutes available for presentation and questions. Please send a title and abstract with a limit of 100 words to [email protected] no later than 19 November.

Registration is necessary, please register at [email protected] no later than 3 December. Lunch: 50 DKK. Tea and coffee well be provided. The conference is sponsored by the STM network and The Climate Secretariat.

Organising committee: Finn Olesen, Associate Professor, Information and Media Science, Peter C. Kjærgaard, Associate Professor, History of Ideas, Jakob Bek-Thomsen, PhD-student and outreach officer, Aarhus Climate Secretariat. Student assistants: Helene Sloth Borgholm, Nanna Lüders Kaalund

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