The editor and editorial board of the book series New Directions in Philosophy of Science (published by Palgrave-Macmillan) would like to invite proposals for monographs and themed collections.

Recent work in the philosophy of science is notable for not only incorporating detailed and informed case studies from scientific practice but also for drawing on ideas, techniques and perspectives from other disciplines, including metaphysics, epistemology, the philosophy of the special sciences, the philosophy of art and, of course, the history of science.

The intention behind the series is to offer a new, dedicated, publishing forum for the kind of exciting new work in the philosophy of science that embraces novel directions and perspectives.

To this end, our aim is to publish books that address issues in the philosophy of science from the standpoint of these new developments, including those that attempt to initiate a dialogue between various perspectives, or, alternatively, offer constructive and insightful critiques.

The series editor is Steven French of the Dept. of Philosophy, University of Leeds and the members of the editorial board are:

Otavio Bueno, Philosophy, University of Miami (USA)

Anjan Chakravartty, History and Philosophy of Science, University of Toronto (Canada)

Hasok Chang, Science and Technology Studies, UCL (UK)

Roman Frigg, Philosophy, LSE (UK)

James Ladyman, Philosophy, University of Bristol (UK)

Michela Massimi, Science and Technology Studies, UCL (UK)

Stathis Psillos, Philosophy and History of Science, University of Athens (Greece)

Please send initial proposals (of no more than 1000 words) to Steven French at [email protected]