A new email discussion list has been launched to encourage the development of an international research network on the attempts at political engagement by scientists from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Along with the forthcoming symposium at the Beijing XXII International Congress, the list is the product of the excellent international colloque held at REHSEIS, University of Paris 7 in June 2004. We hope to publish the papers from this event in the near future.

The email list is titled [email protected]‘ in honour of Gary Werskey’s marvellous characterization of some of the key figures in the period as a ‘Visible College’. The list takes the French variant in honour of the research group that stimulated the project (and French historians continue to form the majority of subscribers).

The relationship between politics and science, between science and society, and the particular manifestation of this in the period from 1930 is the main concern of the research network. However, those with interests in this field in other historical periods are also welcome to join the list as we seek to develop analytics on political engagement and science throughout the history of science.

If you would like to subscribe, please contact the list manager as below:

Chris Chilvers Senior Research Fellow Science Museum Exhibition Road London SW7 2DD

Tel: 0207 942 4183 mob) 07931 836453

[email protected]