A new permanent exhibition, ‘Manchester Science: discoveries that changed the world’, has opened in the Museum’s Main Building.

The Gallery explores scientific achievements that have and are being made in Manchester, from atomic theory to thermodynamics and pioneering research in medicine, astronomy and computer technology. The spine of the gallery is a 200-year timeline featuring Manchester science achievements against a backdrop of world science discoveries, e.g. Darwin’s origin of species. Dovetailing with the timeline are displays focusing on the work of four world-renowned Manchester-based scientists: John Dalton, James Joule, Ernest Rutherford and Sir Bernard Lovell. The Museum’s collection of original apparatus used by Dalton and Joule, along with scientific instruments made in Manchester by Ronchetti, Dancer and others for these two eminent scientists. Along with many of the objects that were in the Measuring Up! Gallery, a range of other scientific apparatus and instruments used and made in Manchester is also on permanent display for the first time, including a mass spectrometer and a scanning electron microscope.

For those who enjoyed the Measuring Up! Gallery, please come and see the new Manchester Science Gallery, and give us your views on it!

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