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ABOUT H-Histsex

This list provides a forum for communication and discussion of matters of common interest. It is a place to post announcements of conferences, calls for papers, information about and reviews of new publications, requests for information, and points for discussion, concerning historical perspectives on (but not limited to): Sexual activity in historical context; the formation of sexual identities (e.g., different-sex, same-sex, bisexual and queer identities); sexuality and marriage (premarital, courtship, adultery, divorce-related themes); individual sexuality (celibacy and masturbation); fertility and sexuality (menstruation; birth control, abortion, vasectomy and other technologies); sexual subcultures; geographies of sexuality; prostitution; sexually transmitted disease; HIV/AIDS and sexuality; representations of sexuality (e.g., pornography, erotica, safer sex campaigns); the medicalization of sexualities (e.g., sexology, psychiatry; perversions and paraphilias); sex education; moral reform movements; legal regulation of sexuality; sexual violence; globalization and sexuality; historiographical and theoretical approaches to sexuality (e.g., marxism, feminism, queer theory) .

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