New MSc Programme in Science, Technology and International Development: University of Edinburgh.

Location: United Kingdom

The Science, Technology and Innovation Studies subject group of the University of Edinburgh announce a new Masters Programmes in Science, Technology and International Development. This MSc programme draws on the University of Edinburgh’s long-standing reputation for excellence in medicine, science and engineering. Based in Scotland’s vibrant capital and a UNESCO World Heritage city, the University is a home for science and technology studies, innovation studies and is a global hub of expertise in international development. As a student on our programme you will have the opportunity to draw together options from one of the UK’s largest groupings of high quality social science, taking advantage of all the resources one of the world’s top universities has to offer. Here you will be able to build a degree that suits your regional, disciplinary and professional interests. This masters programme is open to students and professionals looking to develop a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of international development and how they play out in a global context. Please visit the website for application details and funding possibilities.

Dr. Lawrence Dritsas 
Science, Technology and Innovation Studies 
School of Social & Political Science 
University of Edinburgh 
Chrystal Macmillan Building 
15a George Square 
Edinburgh EH8 9LD 
United Kingdom

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