Newton & The Netherlands 21-23 April 2010

Call for Papers

The Dutch Republic proved to be remarkably receptive to Newton’s ideas. Dutch scholars like Herman Boerhaave and Willem Jacob ‘s Gravesande played a crucial role in the dissemination of Newton’s work, both in The Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. In the course of the eighteenth century, Newton’s ideas (in different guises and interpretations) became a veritable hype in Dutch society.

So far, surprisingly little research has been performed to explain Newton’s sudden success in the Netherlands. To address these and other topics focusing on what is vaguely described as ‘newtonianism’, a three-day conference is organized in Leiden by Museum Boerhaave, the Huygens Instituut (KNAW, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences), Nadine Akkerman (Pallas Institute, Leiden University), and Pete Langman (Goldsmiths College).

A substantial part of the presentations of this meeting will be held by invited speakers. We have, however, also room for a limited number of submitted papers.

Newton & the Netherlands aims to investigate ‘newtonianism’ in the broadest meaning. We invite contributions focusing on such themes as:

–         the interaction of Dutch natural philosophers and Newton and his work;

–         the dissemination of Newton’s ideas and publications in Dutch society;

–         the dissemination of Newton’s ideas by Dutch scholars;

–         religious aspects involved with the reception of Newton’s work;

–         scientific instruments and newtoniamism.

Please submit an abstract of up to 500 words by March 1, 2010, to the organizing committee:

[email protected] (of zoiets)

We will inform you by 8 March whether you paper is accepted.

For further information please contact Ad Maas (e-mail: [email protected]) or Eric Jorink (email: [email protected]).