The SciPer Project of the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield is delighted to announce the publication of the first instalment of Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical: An Electronic Index, which is issued by hriOnline and is freely available at

The SciPer Index provides a scholarly synopsis of the material relating to science, technology, and medicine appearing in eight (soon to be increased to sixteen) general periodicals published in Britain between 1800 and 1900. With entries describing around 7,500 articles (doubling to more than 15,000 when complete), and with references to over 5,500 individuals, 2,000 publications, and 1,000 institutions, it provides an invaluable research tool for scholars interested in the representation of science and in the interpenetration of science and literature in nineteenth-century Britain, as well as for all students of the period. The second instalment will be published in May. The journals indexed in the first instalment include selected years from the Academy, the Boy’s Own Paper, the Comic Annual, the Cornhill Magazine, the Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine, Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Punch, and the Review of Reviews.

The electronic index complements the three books recently published by the SciPer team:

Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical: Reading the Magazine of Nature, by Geoffrey Cantor, Gowan Dawson, Graeme Gooday, Richard Noakes, Sally Shuttleworth, and Jonathan R. Topham (Cambridge University Press, 2004).

Culture and Science in the Nineteenth-Century Media, ed. by Louise Henson et al (Ashgate, 2004).

Science Serialized: Representations of the Sciences in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals, ed. by Geoffrey Cantor and Sally Shuttleworth (MIT Press, 2004).

For further details of the SciPer Project, see the project website at