ISSHS Berkeley — Bologna — Paris — Uppsala

9th International Summer School in History of Science Bologna, 29 August — 4 September 2004

“Current approaches to the history of science” The International Summer School in History of science meets biannually in Bologna, Uppsala, Berkeley, and Paris in rotation. The School’s purpose is to bring together specialists and advanced aspirants to develop topics in history of science and technology deemed interesting, timely, and appropriate to the location. A chief goal of the school is to promote collaborative research on an international level. The lectures, with ensuing discussions, will occupy the mornings. Afternoons will be free for work in libraries, museums, laboratories, and ad-hoc seminars. The number of participants is limited to about thirty. Those selected to participate will receive free room and board in Bologna during their stay (application form below). The deadline for application is 15 May; decisions by the end of May. Additional information on the School will be posted at

Program Monday Introduction: Dominique Pestre “Thirty years of science studies. Between intellectual analysis and political intervention” Nicolaas Rupke “Serving different interests: the purposes of 20th-century History of Science in the English- and German-speaking worlds”.

Tuesday Making Natural Knowledge: Jan Golinski (Overview I); George E. Smith (Overview II)

Wednesday Closer Looks, I: Claire Salomon-Bayet (France); Giuliano Pancaldi and Anna Guagnini (Italy)

Thursday Closer Looks, II: Feza Günergun (Balkans and Turkey); Jose Ferreiros (Spain)

Friday Summaries: Dominique Pestre, Giuliano Pancaldi

Organizers: Cathryn Carson and Roger Hahn (Berkeley), Tore Frängsmyr (Uppsala), J.L. Heilbron (Berkeley and Oxford), Giuliano Pancaldi (Bologna), Dominique Pestre (Paris). Local organization: Giuliano Pancaldi, International Centre for the History of Universities and Science, Department of Philosophy, University of Bologna, Via Zamboni 38, 40126 Bologna, Italy ([email protected])