All Talks in: Wijkplaats 4.005, Leiden University,

Session I 9:30-11:00: Marietje van der Schaar (Leiden) “Husserl and Heyting on knowledge and assertion”

11:00-11:15: coffee

11:20-12:50: Wim Christiaens (Gent) “Cassirer, Heidegger and the Enlightenment”

13:00-14:30 Lunch: TBA

Session II 14:40-16:10: Lieven de Cock (VU, Amsterdam) “From a linguistic point of view: Carnap and Quine on the analytic-synthetic distinction”

16:10-16-30: Coffee

16:30-18:00 Alan Richardson (UBC) “On Taking Logical Empiricism as a Science Seriously: Metrology, Metalogic, and the Technologies of Philosophy.”

Dinner: TBA

All are welcome, but if you wish to attend we ask that you RSV by April 20, 2008 at: Eric Schliesser ([email protected]).