Dear Colleagues:

I am looking for an online research assistant. This research assistant can be anywhere in the world.

Online Research assistant

Job Description: collecting useful and necessary materials for the following theme: United States Medical/Healthcare System

An example: Create a bibliography concerning this subject

Qualification: * Those who are familiar with this kind of research * Those who have basic understanding of American medical/healthcare system * Those who are familiar with using databases and online research * Those who are often online and can communicate with me frequently

Period and Hours: late May through early August 2003 I now get the funding for 30 hours of work and will probably get more.

Payment: I assume all the responsibility and pay in US dollars and/or in Japanese yen (your choice).

If interested, please contact me directly with your educational/research background: Yone Sugita [email protected] [email protected]

Yone Sugita Associate Professor of American History Osaka University of Foreign Studies Minoh-city, Osaka Japan 562-8558 phone/fax: +81 72-730-5416 [email protected] [email protected]