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Those interested in postgraduate study in  the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds are warmly invited to attend an Open Day on HPS and Philosophy on the afternoon of Wednesday Feb 11 th 2009.

We aim to offer substantial reimbursement of travel costs to all of our guests.

Find out about our MA courses in:

History and Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Physics

Science Communication

Philosophy (PhD track)

Philosophy of Religion

Meet potential PhD supervisors in a wide range of research areas.

Learn about our Research Centres:

Centre for History and Philosophy of Science

Centre for Ethics and Meta-Ethics

Centre for Metaphysics and Mind

Participate in research mini-seminars (30 minute talks plus discussion).

Learn about application procedures and funding options.

Meet our large and vibrant international community of graduate students.

Registration is required but free (and lunch is included). To register, please contact Jenneke Stevens at [ mailto:j [dot] m [dot] stevens [at] leeds [dot] ac [dot] uk ][email protected]

For enquiries concerning the Open Day and postgraduate study in HPS and Philosophy at Leeds, please contact Professor John Divers at [ mailto:j [dot] divers [at] leeds [dot] ac [dot] uk ][email protected]

Full information on the department: (members of staff, their research interests, our graduate community and our research centres) see