There has been much effort expended on the impact of Darwinism in the social and life sciences, but only a few classic works examine the period before Darwin when the production of race as the dominate scientific theory of human variety marked the origins of sociology and biology. This panel seeks contributions that challenge and reappraise our understandings of the place of racial theories in the history of the sciences of life and society. Possible topics include (but are not limited to) the Species Question, degeneracy, monogenism and polygenism, scientific discourses on slavery, phrenology, the American School, and works on such writers as Josiah Nott, John Bachman, Louis Agassiz, Samuel J. Morton, etc. Please forward submission via email (preferred) or post to Ric Brown, Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies, Dept. of Social Science & Cultural Studies, Pratt Institute, Dekalb Hall, 200 Willoughby Ave, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11205. Email: [email protected] <mailto:%[email protected]>. January 10, 2004 deadline.