Call for Papers: Meeting of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Las Vegas, Nevada October 7-9, 2004

I am putting together a panel for the upcoming LASA meeting entitled “Reading Technology, Re-reading History” and am looking for abstract submissions. Please send abstracts to [email protected] before OCTOBER 15, 2003. I am also looking for a discussant. Feel free to distribute widely.


This panel will illustrate how historical studies of technology, broadly defined, further our understanding of Latin American history. By altering our material conditions, technologies have historically shaped paths of national development and helped define social, economic, and power relations within the region. Like traditional oral and written sources, technologies behave as historical texts that reveal points of political conflict as well as the perception and articulation of future challenges. They offer a new window for understanding socio-political aspirations, cultural values, and frameworks of intellectual analysis, enriching our insight of even well documented historical periods. The panel welcomes a wide range of submissions, but preference will be given to abstracts that creatively engage with how the history and social studies of technology can contribute to and enhance studies of Latin America.

— Eden Miller MIT, Program in Science, Technology and Society [email protected]