>From: “Monica R. Gisolfi” <[email protected]> >Subject: OAH Panel on Agribusiness > >I am seeking panel presenters for a proposed panel for the Organization >of American Historians (OAH) annual meeting in San Francisco, scheduled >for March 31-April 3, 2005. The theme for the conference is “Telling >America’s Stories: Historians and their Publics,” and the conference >committee is seeking panel proposals that bring diverse methodologies to >bear on large questions. Within this context, the panel will address >the rise of agribusiness. Proposed papers might explore the political, >social, cultural, economic, technological, or environmental history of >agribusiness in the American South, Northeast, Midwest, or West. > > >Please contact me off list at [email protected] > >Many thanks, > >Monica R. Gisolfi >Ph.D. Candidate, United States History >Columbia University