The Museums and Galleries History Group will hold its next symposium at Newcastle University in September 2006 on the theme negotiating museum and gallery history. This is a chance to review the nature, roles and problems of museum and gallery history. Papers relating to the following themes are invited:

— Histories, trends and critiques of museum and gallery historiography;

— uses of museum and gallery historiography;

— media representations of museum and gallery history; attempts to link contemporary museological concerns (such as access, inclusion, diversity, restitution etc.) to historical precedents;

— how museums and galleries today work with (or against) their historic identities, buildings, collections, displays and the historical paradigms of knowledge, culture and society inherent within them;

— the conservation, restoration, renovation and extension of historic museum and gallery buildings

— the development, management and use of archival collections relating to museum and gallery history

One-page abstracts are invited for papers on the above topics, which should involve new research. Please also include a brief personal statement, with full contact information and a tentative assessment of audiovisual requirements for your presentation. The deadline for abstract submission is Friday 25 November 2005. Abstracts should be sent to Isobel Siddons by post (ALM London, Cloister Court, 22-26 Farringdon Lane, London EC1R 3AJ) or as e-mail attachments to [email protected]