PCST-8 Conference Scientific Knowledge & Cultural Diversity 3-6 June 2004 Barcelona, Spain

When talking about various cultures we are referring to the different groups sharing the same language, same traditions, ideology or religion, inhabiting in a specific geographical environment, having the same job, or being a man or a woman, a young, a child, an elder…All this rich cultural diversity also reflects its stamp on scientific knowledge, in its creation and application as well as in the whole process of public communication of science and technology.

The 8th PCST Conference opens up a field to debate on the global discourse of science in a range of local culture and knowledge environments. This huge item will be faced from cross approaches, such as ethics (science and science communication ethics) and innovation in the PCST frame. Furthermore, a special review will be devoted to new generations (future scientists and communicators) and women.

The PCST-8 Conference is organized by:

· The Science Communication Observatory, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (www.upf.edu/occ) · Barcelona City Council (www.bcn.es) · The Universal Forum of Cultures 2004 (www.barcelona2004.org)

The PSCT Network’s scientific committee (www.pcstnetwork.org) is responsible for the conference content.

Conference topics (www.pcst2004.org) Within the main conference theme of “Scientific Knowledge & Cultural Diversity” there are the following sub-themes or discussion topics: 1. NATIVE KNOWLEDGE & MODERN SCIENCE 2. SCIENCE COMMUNICATION: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES AND NEW TRENDS 3. SCIENCE COMMUNICATION & SOCIAL PARTICIPATION

How to submit an abstract? See www.pcst2004.org Where and When The conference will be held 3-6 June 2004 in the Forum Area of Barcelona 2004, a social programme will be available from Monday 1st of June to Sunday 6th of June.

Registration, accommodation and other information Registration forms and on-line registration, as well as accommodation details and other information related to the event will be available via the conference web site www.pcst2004.org in September 2003. Important Conference Deadlines and Dates 21 November 2003 Deadline for submission abstracts 16 February 2004 Preliminary programme available 31 March 2004 Deadline for reception of very early reduced registration fees (140 euros) 30 April 2004 Deadline for reception of reduced registration fees (160 euros) 1-10 May 2004 Deadline for reception of full version of the paper (1) 1-3 June 2004 Pre-conference social programme (2) 3 June 2004 Pre-conference event 4-6 June 2004 PCST-8 conference

(1) Full text of presentations will be published in the web three weeks before the Conference. This will allow registered participants to know previously presentations contents in order to promote more debate on the different subjects.

(2) 2004 is also the International Dalí’s year. Many events will be organized on the occasion of the 100th birthday anniversary of Salvador Dalí. We encourage you to participate!

(If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] )