Call for Papers

For an Inter-School and Multi-Disciplinary Conference At Oxford

14-16 July 2005

“Perspectives on 20th-century Pharmaceuticals”

The development of pharmaceuticals and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry are a major aspect of the history of the twentieth century. The economic importance of the industry, the contributions it has made to health and welfare, and the stimulus it has provided for research in the biomedical sciences and related technologies, have been considerable. However, because of the difficulty of access to pharmaceutical archives in many countries, the history of pharmaceuticals in general, and of the pharmaceutical industry in particular, is still relatively under-developed. For these reasons, this conference has the two following broadly-defined aims:

1) to bring together scientists, industrialists, clinicians, and historians, who share a common interest in the development of pharmaceuticals in the 20th century; 2) To contribute to a greater understanding of the history of the pharmaceutical industry in the 20th century through a multi-disciplinary approach, taking into account the different perspectives provided by health economists, sociologists, anthropologists, and historians of business, science, technology, and medicine.

This will be done by a series of seven consecutive sessions, spread over two and a half days in July 2005. Each session will have a different theme, articulated around the study of a number of different interfaces between the pharmaceutical industry and the following sectors, institutions, and individuals:

• Universities

• Hospital clinical departments and/or medical schools

• Government agencies (research councils, health departments, regulatory authorities)

• Consumers (involving marketing departments and consumer organisations)

• Other industrial sectors (food, agriculture, veterinary, chemical, cosmetics, scientific instruments)

• Biotechnology

• Companies, scientists, clinicians, and government agencies from different national contexts

Contributions from different disciplines, and from different countries are most welcome. However, all contributors are encouraged to centre their papers around pharmaceuticals and/or the pharmaceutical industry. They are also urged to reflect on the different interfaces which have shaped or have been shaped by the industry in the twentieth century, and which are listed above.

The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2004.

Please send abstracts of up to one page to either of the co-organisers. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Co-organisers V. Quirke & J. Slinn Centre for Health, Medicine and Society and Business School, Oxford Brookes University Oxford England

e-mails addresses: [email protected] [email protected]