The Department of philosophy and moral sciences Ghent University has a vacancy for a PhD researcher in connection with the research professorship of Prof. Dr. Eric Schliesser. The area of interest is open with a slight preference for candidates interested in history and philosophy of science, early modern  hilosophy, philosophy and history of economics, and the role of sympathy in moral sciences/ethics.

Supervisor Prof. Dr. Eric Schliesser.
Starting date: between June 1 and October 1, 2010.
Period: four years.
Salary:approx. 1700 EUR/month (net).

Profile of the candidate:
-Independent, passionate thinker.
-Entrepreneurial attitude.
-Master’s degree in philosophy (or equivalent in exact science, economics, history, or Latin with strong interest in philosophy).
– Able to read, speak and write in English fluently.

Task of the researcher:
The research has to result in a PhD thesis.
The researcher will present the fruits of his/her research at international
conferences. S/he will be expected to publish regularly research results in
international, refereed journals.
The researcher is expected to organize at least one international conference on the
topic of her dissertation. S/he is expected to spend some of his/research time
with top-experts at universities abroad. The researcher is expected to be an
active participant in the exciting intellectual life of the department and to
be eager to keep developing philosophically.

If you are interested in this position, send an email with your dissertation proposal (ca. 1000 words), a CV and list of publications (if any) to Eric Schliesser ([email protected]), no later than 30 December 2009.

*VENI Research Fellow (2005-9), Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research & Universitair Docent, Philosophy, Leiden University, PO BOX 9515, Leiden, 2300 RA, the Netherlands; Tel: 06-15005958*Research Associate, Amsterdam Research Group in History and Methodology of Economics, University of Amsterdam.