The university Pierre Mendès France – Grenoble 2 (UPMF) and the Ecole Doctorale “Philosophie: Histoire, Créations, Représentations (ED PHCR n°


invite applications for a PhD scholarship (Contrat doctoral fléché sur

thématique prioritaire)

in philosophy, on a topic related to *Natural Kinds*.

The candidate will prepare her/his PhD at UPMF Grenoble under the

supervision of professor Max Kistler, beginning in fall 2009; she/he will

receive a salary determined by the new « doctoral contract » (contrat

doctoral), for three years.

Language requirement: The PhD thesis may be written either in French or in

English. (The direction of the doctoral school will take an official

decision about the possibility to write the thesis in English, in the

beginning of July.) If the thesis is written in English, it will be

necessary to add an abstract in French of about 50 pages.**

A description of the topic (in French) can be found at:

Follow the link « *fiche



at the entry


Les espèces naturelles

The candidate should be familiar with philosophy of science, metaphysics or

philosophy of language in the analytic tradition.

Webpage of the philosophy research group at Grenoble (PLC – « Philosophie,

Langage, Cognition »):

Webpage of the doctoral school:

Informations about the conditions and in particular the amount of salary can

be found in the official texts, to be downloaded at:<>

These are the relevant texts:

– décret n°2009-464 du 23 avril 2009 relatif aux doctorants contractuels

des établissements publics d’enseignement supérieur ou de


– arrêté du 23 avril 2009 fixant le montant de la rémunération du doctorant

contractuel Courrier ministériel du 6 mai 2009 relatif à l’entrée en vigueur du

décret du 23 avril


For informations on the content, contact prof. M. Kistler (in English or


<[email protected]>

For administrative informations at the level of the university, contact Mme

Marie-Claude Buffière:

<[email protected]>

For administrative informations at the level of research group PLC, contact

Mlle Saloua Adli:

<[email protected]>

To apply, send the following documents

– Statement of application

– Curriculum vitae (with indication of citizenship)

– Research project (1 – 3 pages)

– Evidence of results or marks obtained for Master degree.

– Your Master thesis.

– Name and e-mail address of academic teacher(s) willing to write a

reference for you.

By e-mail attachment to

[email protected]

Subjet : PhD scholarship

Deadline 5 July 2009.