Call for Papers

Philosophia Naturalis – Journal for the Philosophy of Nature

Philosophia Naturalis – Journal for the Philosophy of Nature is a double-blind

peer-reviewed international journal that publishes innovative contributions to the

classical field of natural philosophy. Its first aim is to present topical research

concerning the philosophical and historical aspects of the natural sciences,

including physics, chemistry, and biology as well as the cognitive sciences. With

Andreas Bartels as the new editor in charge the editors particularly encourage

contributions that bridge disciplinary gaps and advance interdisciplinary research.

Philosophia Naturalis is of interest to philosophers, especially of metaphysics,

science, and mind, as well as to historians and scholars of the natural sciences. The

Journal is international in scope and content and publishes papers in German and

English. It is published by Vittorio Klostermann and issued twice a year: one item

includes a selection of independently submitted papers, the other one is conceived

as a special issue. The editors encourage applications. If you are interested in

publishing an essay or making a suggestion concerning a special issue, please

contact [email protected].


Andreas Bartels (Bonn)

Bernd-Olaf Küppers (Jena)

C. Ulises Moulines (München)

Erhard Scheibe (Hamburg)

Editorial Advisory Board:

Werner Diederich (Hamburg), Michael Esfeld (Lausanne), Don Howard (Notre Dame),

Andreas Hüttemann (Münster), Bernulf Kanitscheider (Gießen), Daryn Lehoux (Kingston, Ontario),

James Lennox (Pittsburgh), Holger Lyre (Bielefeld), Peter Mittelstaedt (Köln),

Felix Mühlhölzer (Göttingen), Friedrich Rapp (Dortmund), Friedrich Steinle (Berlin),

Manfred Stöckler (Bremen), Eckart Voland (Gießen), Gerhard Vollmer (Braunschweig),

Marcel Weber (Konstanz), Michael Wolff (Bielefeld)