Position for a Ph.D. student

At the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Center for Logic and Philosophy of

Science, a full-time and fully funded position for a Ph.D. student is

available for a four-year period, starting at the earliest moment (as

early as 1 July 2009).

The topic of the research project, funded by the FWO-Vlaanderen

(Research Foundation Flanders), is: “Argumentative networks: a still

missing integration of philosophical approaches to argumentation with

AI-models, with an application to mathematical practice.” The

intended application is the classification theorem of the finite,

simple groups. We are therefore looking for a student with a

philosophical training, but with the required mathematical background

to handle such proofs.

Please send your CV and a letter of motivation to Jean Paul Van

Bendegem ([email protected]) before June 15, 2009. A more detailed

project description can be found at http://www.vub.ac.be/CLWF/