The Department of Technology Management of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven has a vacancy for a Postdoc (1.0 fte) in the fields of Economics of Innovation or History of Technology (V39.420) within the sub-department of Technology & Policy.

The Department of Technology Management (TM) offers a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management Science (Technische Bedrijfskunde), a BSc in Innovation Sciences (Technische Innovatiewetenschappen), a BSc in Industrial Engineering for Health Care, and MSc programmes in Innovation Management, Operations Management and Logistics, Technology and Policy, and Human Technology Interaction. Education and research in the department focus on the development and use of technology in a business and society oriented context. Research is design and application oriented, based on fundamental scientific insights and methods.

The subdepartment Technology & Policy is engaged in a number of research projects, teaching activities and linkages with policy institutions and regulatory agencies in the Netherlands and abroad. The focus of the research program is on technology flows, the knowledge economy and socio-economic performance. The research activities are embedded in the Eindhoven Center of Innovation Studies (ECIS). Teaching is conducted within the framework of the Bachelor of Science Program Innovation Sciences and the Masters of Science Program Technology and Policy. Members of the department’s staff also participate in various postgraduate and executive programs. There are a number of institutional and research links to other universities and research institutes as well as to different regulatory agencies and policy institutions.

Project description The postdoc position falls within the framework of the project Culture and Innovation Dynamics (CID) which is funded by European Commission and is part of the NEST (New and Emerging Science and Technology) activity of the sixth Framework Programme (For more information on the general aims and scope of the project please consult the website:

The postdoc will work at the development of Work Package 9 (WP 9) which is focused on the representation of inventors and technologies in the cultural landscape. The project leader of WP 9 is Alessandro Nuvolari (Eindhoven University of Technology). Other researchers involved in this WP are Christine MacLeod (University of Bristol, UK) and Bart Verspagen (Eindhoven University of Technology).

The first objective of WP 9 aims at providing a critical assessment of the existing literature on the cultural dimensions of technological change. This represents a necessary preliminary step as the existing literature on the topic is highly fragmented and scattered across a variety of disciplines (history of technology, sociology of technology, economics, gender studies, etc.). On the basis of this critical survey of the literature, it will be possible to formulate a number of hypotheses concerning the process of representation/construction of technologies in the cultural landscape and, in particular, of the factors accounting for the varying degrees of awareness and visibility of different technologies. The second objective of the WP 9 consists in a systematic appraisal of the representation of technologies in a variety of historical sources. A particularly interesting source, which is highly valuable by virtue of its detailed coverage, is represented by authoritative works of collective biography such as the Dictionary of National Biography and the Dictionary of American Biography. By looking systematically at the representation of technologies and inventors in these works, it is possible to derive important insights on the process through which technologies become carriers of specific cultural meanings and values. This is confirmed by recent research contributions which have studied the representation of inventors in works in collective biography for specific historical periods. The aim of this part of the project is precisely to expand on this research, by enlarging the geographical scope and the time frame of the analysis. Another set of sources that are of particular interest in this context are those journals and publications that are at the interface between the inner world of science and technology and the wider cultural ambience (journals such as Scientific American, New Scientist, etc.). This is a type of source that has been so far very little investigated in the science and technology studies literature. This research project will provide an appraisal of the way the cultural significance of technologies is, implicitly and explicitly, elaborated in these sources. The comparative perspective will be implemented also by the construction of a proper set of bibliometric indicators which will reveal the relative “visibility” allocated to different technologies. The third objective of this WP 9 is to examine the purposeful construction of cultural spaces such as exhibitions and museums aimed at “celebrating” particular technological undertakings. This will be done by means of detailed historical studies of the processes leading to the creation of these spaces. Recent research on this topic has provided interesting insights on how the cultural meanings of technologies are constructed and further elaborated by different social actors. We propose to expand on these recent studies, adopting a broad comparative perspective which will consider the creation of the most significant museums of science and technology in Europe.

Requirements The ideal candidate should have a background in the economics of innovation, economic history, innovation studies or history of technology or any another field of study related to the project at a PhD level. Some experience with quantitative techniques would be an advantage.

Appointment and salary We offer: ” a full-time temporary appointment for a period of 1 year; ” a gross monthly salary of € 2279,= up to € 3597,= depending on the personal experience; ” a broad package of fringe benefits (including an excellent technical infrastructure, savings schemes and excellent sports facilities). As part of an equal opportunity scheme, women are explicitly requested to apply.

Information More information about this position is available from dr. A Nuvolari, e-mail: [email protected]. Further general information: M.E.M. Roelands, personnel officer, phone +31 40 2474886, e-mail: [email protected].

Application Interested candidates are requested to send a letter of motivation and a recent curriculum vitae containing the full list of their publications to:

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Department of Technology Management Personnel Department, Pav R.1.23 PO Box 513 5600 MB Eindhoven The Netherlands

You can also send your application by e-mail to: [email protected]. Applications should be received by April 25th 2007. Please include the job vacancy code: V39.420