Postdoc preannouncement

History of the Reichsuniversität Strassburg (1941 — 1944)

It is expected (and to be confirmed at the end of June) that a one year postdoctoral position in the history of science will be posted by Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg I, for 2006/2007. The candidate will be working within a broader project on the history of the sciences at the Nazi Reichsuniversität Strassburg (1941 — 1944). Concretely, an essential part of the postdoc’s activity will be devoted to the exploration of archives that have not been systematically researched before, starting with the archives of the Strasbourg Hopital Civil. Given that many of the documents to be studied are in German, a perfect command of German is a necessary criterion for the job. The 12 months position — starting at the latest in January 2007 — will conform to usual postdoctoral positions in France ; the monthly treatment will be approx. 1850 euros. Candidates have to have a doctoral degree, and should have experience working in the history of science. Please send a cv and (if applicable) lists of publications before June 26 to: Norbert Schappacher IRMA 7 rue René Descartes 67084 Strasbourg cedex FRANCE [email protected]

An audition of shortlisted candidates is expected to be held before July 13, 2006.