University of Cambridge Postdoctoral Research Fellowship “Charles Darwin’s Geology its historical context and its originality” Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences Duration: 30 months

Salary level: £23,457 – £30,607 dependent upon experience and comparative seniority.

Start date: 1 October 2006 or as soon thereafter as possible.

General information. The Sedgwick Museum wishes to appoint a postdoctoral research fellow who will be engaged in studying Charles Darwin’s work and contributions in the field of Geology. The focus of this work will be Darwin’s original (1832-1836) Beagle collection of geological specimens, his annotated geological catalogues as well as his extensive geological notebooks (most of which are in Cambridge). We are looking for a scholar who will be able to develop this information with a view to publishing original insights into his approach to geology and the historical context of his contributions. The ultimate aim will be for the PDRF to contribute significantly to the scholarly celebrations being planned for 2009 in Cambridge, as well as assisting with new geological exhibitions being developed at the Sedgwick Museum.

Postdoctoral level work and experience in the general fields of the history of science, and of geology would be considered advantageous.

Further information and general discussion concerning this position contact either David Norman ([email protected]) or James Secord ([email protected])

Closing date: 30 September 2006.

Applications including a letter of introduction, CV and list of publications, to be sent to

M.I. Johnston ([email protected]), Department of Earth Sciences, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3EQ.