The Open Day will give the opportunity to meet the staff of the HPS Division, and will explain:

· Research interests of the members of the Division (Alix Cohen, Steven French, Geoffrey Cantor, Graeme Gooday, Jonathan Hodge, Chris Kenny, Joseph Melia, Robin Le Poidevin, Greg Radick, Juha Saatsi, Jon Topham, Sophie Weeks, Adrian Wilson)

· MA courses in HPS at Leeds: (1) HPS; (2) Philosophy of Physics; (3) Science Communication (jointly with the Institute for Communication Studies); and (4) Gender Studies with HPS (parented by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies)

· Research for the PhD degree in HPS at Leeds

· Funding opportunities, including School of Philosophy studentships and University Scholarships

· Application procedures

Lunch will be provided.

A limited amount of travel bursaries are available.

Enquiries and bookings to Katy Lanceley, Postgraduate Secretary [[email protected]]