THE DARWIN TRUST OF EDINBURGH Postgraduate Research Scholarship in the History or Philosophy of Science and Technology

The Darwin Trust invites applications for a postgraduate research studentship tenable at any UK university from graduates, of any nationality, who wish to study for a PhD in the history or philosophy of science and technology.

The scholarship will provide a maintenance grant of £10,000 per annum for up to three years, a travel grant where appropriate, and the necessary University fees.

Candidates, who should not normally be more than 30 years of age, should hold, or be expected to obtain, academic qualifications equivalent to a First Class Honours degree from a British University and must have an application confirmed or pending for a postgraduate position within an appropriate university department. Applicants from overseas should hold a certificate of proficiency in the English language (TOEFL 550, EPTB 40.0 or IELTS 6.0). Preference will be given to candidates who propose moving to a University, or at least a department, different from that in which they will have graduated.

Applications should be lodged by 30 April 2004 with Professor K Murray Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology University of Edinburgh Darwin Building Mayfield Road Edinburgh EH9 3JR Scotland, UK from whom application forms may be obtained.

Tel ++ 44 (0) 131 650 5382 Fax ++ 44 (0) 131 668 3870