Pragmatism & Science

For further information contact Mark Tschaepe at [email protected]

June 19th-20th, 2009

The Center for Inquiry, Transnational, 1310 Sweet Home Road, Amherst, NY

No advance registration — registration on site, Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Registration for entire conference: $20 general admission, or $10 for

students and Friends of the Center

Registration for Friday evening only: $10 general admission, $5 for students, free for Friends of the Center


Friday, June 19:

7pm: Keynote: Paul Kurtz, “Pragmatism in a Turbulent Universe”

8pm: Matthew Brown: “Genuine Problems and the Significance of Science”

9pm: Ron Giere, TBA

Saturday, June 20:


9am: Keynote: Larry Cahoone, “The Orders of Nature”

Coffee Break

10am: Round Table Discussion (1 hour):

Moderator: Mark Dietrich Tschaepe


John Shook, Ron Giere, David Stump, John Bickle, and Maria Caamano

Coffee Break

11am: Keynote: John Bickle, “What if Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Had Been Informed by Carnap’s Pragmatism (Rather than Quine’s)”

Noon: Lunch Break

1pm: Panel (2 hours):

Maria Caamano: “Pragmatic Norms in Science: Making them Explicit”

Andrew Smith: “Truth, Negation, and the Limit of Inquiry: Revisiting

the Problem of Buried Secrets”

David Stump: “The Science behind C.I. Lewis’s Pragmatic Theory of the

A Priori”

Christian Perring: “Pragmatism in Moral Psychology”

Coffee Break

3:30pm Keynote: Don Howard, “All the King’s Horses, and all the King’s

Men: Putting Dewey’s Theory of Science Back Together Again”

Coffee Break

4:45pm: Workshop: John Shook and Ron Giere