Hertha AyrtonIn 2015 The BSHS launched a new prize to recognise outstanding web projects and digital engagement in the history of science, technology and medicine (HSTM). The prize name was chosen by members of the BSHS from a shortlist to recognize the major contributions of Hertha Ayrton (1854-1923) to numerous scientific fields, especially electrical engineering and mathematics, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The inaugural BSHS Ayrton Prize, in 2015, was won by the British Library for Voices of Science. In 2017 the second round of the prize was won by the project REACH, Raising Awareness through the Conduit of History, produced by the IEEE.

All kinds of web-based digital projects are eligible for the prize if they meet the following conditions. Entries should:

  • Be a self-contained website (including blogs and other web-based projects), available in English, whose overall content is in HSTM, or a distinct HSTM subsection of a website, such as an online exhibition section of a museum website.
  • Communicate HSTM to a non-specialist audience and/or make new resources available for the study of HSTM.
  • Be open access.
  • Have been created or updated with substantial new content within the last two calendar years (from the entry deadline).
  • Reflect current best practice in the discipline.
  • Make effective use of the medium.

The prize is awarded on a biannual basis in odd-numbered years.

Previous Winners of the BSHS Ayrton Prize