Visitors explore the FOLK exhibition at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technoloty (Image copyright to Åsa Marie Mikkelsen)

The BSHS Great Exhibitions Prize will reopen for submissions in 2020.

The BSHS Great Exhibitions Prize, kindly funded by the Gee bequest, was established in 2012. The competition recognises excellence in public exhibitions that address topics in the history of science, history of technology or history of medicine. There are two categories, one for large exhibitions and one for small exhibitions. The winner of the latter is awarded a financial prize of £300.

The BSHS welcome entries from institutions in any country and exhibits may be permanent or temporary. Eligible exhibits must use artefacts or places of some kind and this may include buildings or locations, pictures, instruments, objects and books.

Previous winners of the prize include:

2018: Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology for ‘FOLK: From Racial Types to DNA’ and Royal Holloway, University of London for ‘200 Years of Becoming Digital’.

Commendations were offered to ‘Being Brunel‘ (SS Great Britain, Bristol) and ‘This Vexed Question’: 500 Years of Women and Medicine (Royal College of Physicians, London).

2016: Adler Planetarium, Chicago for What is a Planet?

2014: National Maritime Museum, London for Ships, Clocks and Stars: the Quest for Longitude (see image above) and the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University for Body of Knowledge: A History of Anatomy (in 3 Parts).

2012: Science Museum, London, for Codebreaker: Alan Turing’s Life and Legacy and Royal College of Physicians of London, for Curious Anatomys.