The 2010 BSHS Singer Prize has been awarded to Don Leggett, University of Kent for his essay ‘Replication and replacing: comparative contexts of naval science, 1868-1903’. The judges were impressed by the rich analysis based on an extensive range of manuscript sources and by the way in which they had been integrated with the existing literature to offer an original model of replication. They appreciated the extent to which this work drew on a range of historiographies, linking history of science with cultural history.

Special commendations were awarded to

Jenny Bangham, University of Cambridge for ‘The Rhesus controversy: scientific notations, paper tools and their articulation’

Michael Barany, Princeton University for ’Savage numbers: counting, race and the evolution of civilization in Victorian prehistory’

Susannah Gibson, University of Cambridge for’ Newtonian vegetables and perceptive plants’

All of these essays were engaging and original and showed considerable promise.

The decision to recognise all of these essays reflects the high standard of entrants for the 2010 prize and demonstrates the excellent quality of work being carried out by postgraduate students in our field.

Entries for the next Singer Prize will be invited in 2012.