The Chemical Heritage Foundation seeks a program manager to work with the Contemporary History and Policy group. Located in Philadelphia’s historic district, the Chemical Heritage Foundation preserves, analyzes, and makes known the history of the chemical and molecular sciences and affiliated industries. The Center for Contemporary History and Policy organizes conferences, carries out research projects, and publishes reports that bring long-range analysis to bear on contemporary issues in science, technology, innovation, and policy. CCHP seeks to position itself as a unique and essential node in the network of institutions and organizations that shape health, environment, risk, and innovation policy and in the production and dissemination of broad perspective on these areas.

The program manager will play an active role in program development and project management for CCHP, with a focus on innovation (in the chemical industry and other molecular science sectors), nanotechnology/nanomaterials (focus to discipline formation, entrepreneurship, and risk) and other emerging areas of technoscience and their industrial links. She/He will: oversee and manage existing restricted-grant projects to ensure the timely completion of deliverables; work with the CCHP director to identify new opportunities and implement new projects; and participate in the international scholarly community by carrying out research, presenting findings at conferences, and writing articles and books that are published in peer-reviewed journals and academic or respected popular press outlets.

Contact Info: Arthur Daemmrich Chemical Heritage Foundation 315 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19106-2702 Fax: 215.925.1954 Email: [email protected] Website: