The ICI Berlin announces 5 fellowships for 2007-08 as part of its inaugural core project Tension/Spannung. It welcomes applications from scholars, curators, and artists from all disciplines.

The Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICI) is a recently founded independent centre dedicated to bringing diverse cultures into productive confrontation. It interprets ‘culture’ in a deliberately broad sense to include cultures associated with different disciplines, systems, and spaces. The ICI provides an open international platform for engaged dialogue, research, and practice across and beyond different disciplines and cultures. It formulates core projects that form the starting point for resident fellows to work through common, focused questions. Within the same thematic frame, the institute also organizes workshops, conferences, and cultural events in co-operation with kindred institutions. To host all these activities, the ICI has generous and attractive spaces in the cultural centre of Berlin at its disposal.

In autumn 2007, the ICI will launch its first core project Tension/Spannung. The expression ‘tension’ appears in manifold contexts with diverse meanings. We speak of social, religious, electrical, sexual, and creative tension. In all these cases, tension refers to a static but unstable state. Such a state is on the verge of a dynamic process that may be destructive as well as productive. Tension provides the condition for transformations, but determines neither their beginning nor outcome. As a state of undecided potentiality, tension promises us agency and demands our involvement, while also captivating us aesthetically. By exploring the critical role of tension within and between different cultures and discourses, the ICI’s inaugural project also seeks to reflect upon the institute’s mission.

The institute invites scholars, curators, and artists from all disciplines to link their individual projects to the topic of Tension/Spannung and to engage in a joint exploration with other fellows at the institute.

Fellowships are for ten months beginning October 1, 2007 and are renewable for one year. Stipends range from 1100 to 1650 € per month.

For application guidelines and further information, please see