The study of the technosciences of emotions has been a silenced topic that has only recently begun to be developed by the humanities and the social sciences. However, emotions are a fundamental aspect of human suffering as much as welfare. Although it is difficult to fully understand the complex reasons for this lack of interest on the topic, it can be conjectured that emotions are still a resilient locus of naturalisation.

This panel will welcome any paper contributing to analyse the historicity of emotions and the contributions of technosciences to it. It will particularly welcome papers focusing on different cultural knowledges that produce a self perception of the emotional being / papers exploring the interface between popular culture and culture of expertise / papers exploring the role played by the technosciences of emotions in defining boundaries between the masculine/feminine and its contestation.

The deadline to submit proposals is the 3rd of April. Please those of you interested in contributing to the panel send to me your abstracts before that date .

Rosa Medina [email protected] University of Granada (Spain)