Below is a call for abstracts for a session I hope to organize at the Canadian Sociology and Anthropology Association meetings, Winnipeg, June 3-6, 2004. Assuming, that is, that I can draw together enough people in this burgeoning field to warrant a session (and perhaps to develop a bit of a research network in ‘critical pain studies’). Please contact me if you’re interested in participating. Further information about the conference is available at:

Feel free to forward to interested parties.

best, Emma Whelan, Assistant Professor <[email protected]> Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology Dalhousie University Halifax, NS B3H 4P9

Anthropologies and Sociologies of Pain

Papers are invited that explore pain from anthropological or sociological perspectives. Themes may include: theoretical or methodological problems in the study of pain; analyses of biomedical research on pain, its clinical assessment and management, or the narratives of pain patients; pain in extramedical contexts, such as place of pain in body modification practices, sexuality, sport, initiation rituals; “emotion” and “physical” pain, mind-body dualism and pain; or the gendering or racialization of particular forms of pain. Particularly encouraged are papers which interrogate common understandings of pain in a novel or critical way.