————————————————————– PUBLIC IMAGES OF CHEMISTRY IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY International Conference by the Commission for the History of Modern Chemistry Paris, France, September 17-18, 2004

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Friday, September 17, 2004 Cite des sciences et de l’industrie, Salle Jean Painleve

9h00 – 9h40 Getting Started – Alain Coine (Rhodia, France) “The Chemical Horror Show: the Image of Chemistry emerging from an investigation amongst public opinion leaders in France” – Marc Devisscher (CEFIC) “Image of the European chemical industry 1992 – 2004, from bad to worse or maybe not?”

9h40 – 11h00 I. Chemistry and Chemists in the Literature – Roslynn D. Haynes (Sydney, Australia) “(Al)chemists in Fiction: The Master Narrative” – Philip Ball (UK) “Chemistry in XXth-century novels”

11h20 – 12h40 II. Chemistry and Chemists in Movies and Popular Culture – Peter Weingart (Bielefeld, Germany) “Chemists and Their Craft in Fiction Film” – Jeffrey L. Meikle (Austin, Texas) “Material Doubts: The Popular Consequences of Plastic, 1945-2000”

14h00 – 16h00 III. Representing Chemists and Chemistry in Pictures and Exhibitions – Elisabeth Vaupel (Munic, Germany) “Is it possible to exhibit chemistry? Reflections about some historical attempts to put chemistry on show.” – Joachim Schummer (Columbia, USA) and Tami Spector (San Fransisco, USA) “The Visual Image of Chemistry and Chemists” – David C. Brock (Philadelphia, USA) “Revolutionary Tools and the Women Who Wield Them: (Re)presenting Chemistry to Diverse Audiences”

16h20 – 17h40 IV. Chemistry in Education – Robert D. Hicks (Philadelphia, USA) “Lessons Learned in Teaching the History of Modern Chemistry On-line” – R. Emmanuel Eastes (Paris, France) “From primary school to university: the main obstacles to the comprehension of chemistry”

18h30 Keynote speaker: Prof. Guy Ourrisson (Academie des sciences)

Saturday, September 18, 2004 Maison de la Chimie, Salle 262

9h00 -10h20 V. The Chemists’ Self-Images – Pierre Laszlo (France) “On the Self-Image of Chemists, 1950-2000” – Paul Caro (Academie des technologies) “The chemist as an autodidact”

10h40 – 11h40 VI. Popular Science and Corporate Advertising – Robert Bud (London, UK) “Penicillin as a wonder drug: The construction of a public image and its collapse” – D. Rhees (The Bakken Library and Museum, USA) “From ‘Merchants of Death’ to ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’: The Case of Du Pont”

11h40 VII Public Debates and Public Relations, Round Table: “Toward an Ethics of Chemistry” – Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent (Univ. Paris-X Nanterre, France) – Jean Pierre Dupuy (Ecole Polytechnique France and Stanford University) – Andree Marquet (Chimie et societe) – Herve This (College de France)


PROGRAM COMMITTEE Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent (Université Paris X) John Van Ness (Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia) Gérard Emptoz (Université de Nantes) Joachim Schummer (U niversity of South Carolina, Columbia) Brigitte Van Tiggelen (Louvain-la Neuve)

LOCAL ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE: Fred Aftalion (Maison de la chimie, Paris) Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent (Université Paris X) Pietro Corsi (CRHST, Paris) Gérard Emptoz (Université de Nantes) Brigitte Van Tiggelen (Louvain-la Neuve)

CONTACT: Brigitte Van Tiggelen <[email protected]>