Reflections on Water
Durham University Institute of Advanced Studies Public Lecture Series 2009-2010
4th November: ‘Dissolving Uncertainties in Water: electric fishes, Volta’s alarm-bell, Humphry Davy, and a dynamical science’, Prof David Knight, Durham
11th November: ‘Mirror of the Sea: Reflections on the Writings of Joseph Conrad in the Age of Steam and Sail’, Prof Crosbie Smith, University of Kent.
18th November: ‘Geology, Water and Engineering: the Amazing Saga of Stone Water Pipes in the British Isles, 1800-1815’, Prof Hugh Torrens, Geology, University of Keele.
25th November: ‘Water’ and ‘H
2O’, Dr Robin Hendry, Philosophy, Durham
2nd December: ‘Water an Element or Compound? Principles, Particles and Elements in the Chemical Revolution of 1789’, Dr Hasok Chang, Science  & Technology Studies, University College London.
9th December: ‘Water: What’s so Special about it? Prof John Finney, Physics and Astronomy, UniversityCollegeLondon.
3rd February: ‘Water as an example in philosophical literature’, Prof Jonathan Lowe, Philosophy, Durham
10th February: ‘Water in Religious Art and Architecture’, Prof David Brown, Theology, St AndrewsUniversity.
17th February: ‘Going Swimmingly: Rivers of Rebirth and Recreation’, Prof Peter Coates, History, University of Bristol.
24th February: ‘Water, water everywhere – finding ourselves when all at sea: navigators, astronomers and clockmakers’, Prof Sir Arnold Wolfendale, FRS, Physics, Durham.
3rd March: ‘”Take me to the river” Water Cures in the twentieth century’ Dr Roberta Bivins, University of Warwick.  Supported by the Wellcome Trust.
10th March:  ‘The Sparkling Nectar of Spas: Physicians, Clerics and Mineral Water in an 18th-century ProvincialTown’, Dr Matthew Eddy, Philosophy, Durham
Lectures will be on Wednesdays at 5.15pm in the Rosemary Cramp lecture theatre (room CLC202) in the CalmanBuilding on the DurhamUniversity Science Site.
Roberta Bivins’ lecture is supported by the Wellcome Trust; the series is sponsored by the Society for the History of Alchemy & Chemistry, as well as the IAS.