Free talk at the Institut français (London) on 26 June: Inventing the Internet by Louis Pouzin

Much lauded and much criticised, the internet is an engineering achievement that changed the face of the world. On 25 June, as the storm of controversy around the Prism programme rages on, the first Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering will be awarded to five people who made major contributions to the development of the internet, including Louis Pouzin. He will join us on 26 June to debate with other experts and leading figures of the World Wide Web, and look back on its genesis, development, and extraordinary power.

Speakers taking part in the roundtable discussion include: Louis Pouzin, Nicolas Curien (Expert in Digital Economy), François Bourdoncle (Chief Strategist of search engine company Exalead), Frédéric Gastaldo (President of telecommunications provider Swisscom), Erol Gelenbe (Professor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College), Ludwig Siegele (online business and finance editor, and deputy editor of the international section, The Economist) and other speakers to be announced.

Free but booking essential: [email protected] or 020 7871 3515

For more information:

Institut français du Royaume-Uni
17 Queensberry Place
London SW7 2DT
020 7871 3515
Tube: South Kensington