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Viewpoint is the colourful and entertaining magazine of the BSHS. Launched in its present form in 2006, it appears as an A4-format publication aimed at a broad readership, featuring articles, opinions, reviews and interviews addressing the history of science, technology and medicine, and drawing on the Society’s Outreach and Education activities. Viewpoint is published three times a year, in February, June and October.

Recent Issues

Issue 117:

This issue commemorates the 2018 centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK with a collection of articles on women in the history of science.

Issue 116:

This issue’s theme is unity and disunity.

Issue 115:

This issue looks at space and place, featuring research in the history of geography.

Issue 113:

This issue is devoted to the history of those who have gone in pursuit of knowledge of the furthest reaches of the cosmos.

Issue 112

We’ve got ancient science writing, a piece on medical ethics, then and now, and an in-depth analysis of the myriad meanings of milk throughout history!

Issue 111

A choose-your-own History of Science adventure, featuring articles on stories and the field!

Issue 110

Europe, and Britain’s place in relation to it, are hot topics of conversation lately, so this issue of Viewpoint explores European history of science!

Issue 109:

To whet your appetite for the online copy of issue 109, the special Ayrton Issue on digital histsci, we bring you a bonus feature article! Professor Chris Green of the University of York highlights some of the digital methods being pioneered to study the history of psychological science by the “PsyBorgs”.

Issue 108:

Issue 108 takes a look at history of science and the workplace, with articles on the hidden (but vital) workers in mid-20th century physics by Jim Grozier, and the science of “burnout” by Matthew Hoffarth. The Object of the Issue is the trusty cargo bike, as discussed by Peter Cox, and efforts of the Roman Newtonians to transport ideas to Italy in the 1700s are explored by Daniele Macuglia. This issue also features the report on the BSHS annual conference, held in Swansea, and an interview with David Kirby.

Back Issues


Hazel Blair is a doctoral researcher at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Hazel took up editorship of Viewpoint in December 2017, having previously been Assistant Editor of London-based magazine Military History Monthly. Prior to her doctorate and her editorial work, she completed an undergraduate degree in Medieval History at the University of St Andrews and an MA in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at University College London (part-funded by the BSHS via the Society’s MA bursary scheme).


All contributions and correspondence should be sent to the Editor, Hazel Blair, at [email protected]. Instructions for contributors can be found in pdf here.


Enquiries about circulation, including subscription requests, should be sent to the BSHS Executive Secretary (see contacts). Viewpoint is free to all BSHS members and is priced at £12.00 per year (three issues) for non-members based in the UK and £17 a year for overseas non members.


The Editor will always consider advertisements regarding new appointments but, as a general rule, other advertisements are not printed in this publication. However, for an appropriate charge, leaflets advertising suitable events, publications, etc, can be sent out with Viewpoint subject to size and postage restrictions. Full details are available from the BSHS Executive Secretary.


Between May and September 2010, a web-based survey was conducted in order to gather information from Viewpoint readers as to their current habits and preferences, and suggestions for contributions or future directions for Viewpoint. 136 people completed the survey and most answered within a few days of the original email announcement. For confidentiality reasons, all email addresses offered by potential contributors have been removed.

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