Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

Re-Imagining Paediatrics: writing the history of paediatrics ——————— Friday-Saturday, 18-19th May 2007 Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM) Room 2.57, Simon Building Second Floor University of Manchester Oxford Road/Brunswick Street Manchester, M13 9PL, UK ———————

About the conference:

This meeting is jointly held with the British Society for the History of Child Health and Paediatrics. The workshop aims to bring together the different constituencies that study the history of children’s health, who are rarely afforded opportunities to share meaningful dialogue: sociologists, historians and practicing pediatricians. It is our intention to provide a valuable forum through which concepts, methods and ideas can be exchanged, discussed and debated.

Call for Conference Speakers: The first day of the workshop explores aspects in the history of pediatric medicine in British culture. We are interested in papers that might explore how pediatric medicine developed within, and how it has reshaped, not only our understanding of child health, but our understanding of the meaning of childhood. Papers should look at specific historical case studies, for example, childhood disease, cultural representations of childhood illness, the role of parents, risk assessment, experiences of sick children, changes in pediatric medicine theory and practice, and clinical encounters. This is not an exhaustive list of themes and topics for papers; we welcome other suggestions and ideas.

On the second day we will host a witness seminar that will bring together key individuals to discuss the creation of the Royal College of Paediatrics. This event will provide a unique insight into a historical event, and discussions will be transcribed, annotated and published.

Speakers include: Hilary Marland (The University of Warwick) and Mary Dixon-Woods (The University of Leicester)

Deadline for abstracts 10 November 2006 The registration form will be available from CHSTM website soon.

More information contact: Emm Barnes: (0161 275 0560) [email protected] Neil Pemberton: (0161 275 5947) [email protected]