Opportunity (Research Associate, 20 hours): The 400th  birthday of Elias Ashmole. History and Science in 17th-century Lambeth (London)


In the quartercentenary of the birth of Elias Ashmole, Ashmole Primary School, a community school in Lambeth, London, is creating a programme of activities related to its namesake to introduce the pupils of the school to Ashmole and his world.  We are seeking a current PhD student (in History or the History of Science) to prepare materials which will be useful for primary school teachers in designing activities related to 17th-century collecting and scientific thought and the world of Elias Ashmole.

A research associate will be paid a flat fee of £200, funded by the British Society for the History of Science
  • to gather academic resources and prepare short fact-sheets, image collection, etc.related to  6-10 connected topics that will support teachers developing classroom activities
  • to prepare brief texts for publicity about the event and ‘Who was Elias Ashmole?’, for the school newsletter, the school website, etc.

He or she will spend part of one afternoon at the Ashmolean (Oxford) working with the Outreach Department on the Foundation collection (the materials bequeathed by Ashmole to the University); the rest of his or her time can be spent as his/her home institution. The post is probably most suited to a candidate based in London or the South of England as the fee is intended to cover the candidate’s time (conceived as about 20 hours of work) and travel to and from Oxford.

This role is envisaged as a bridge between the academic resources of 17th-century primary sources and current research and the primary school educators who will be designing lessons and activities for their pupils. The teaching materials need to be delivered by 1 November. This is an opportunity for skills development and guidance will be provided by the school and by the Outreach department of the Ashmolean. No prior experience of working in schools is necessary.

To apply:

Please write a 200-word statement about what primary school children might want to know about Ashmole and the culture of science in 17th-century London, and send to Dr Caroline Goodson ([email protected]) by 3 October.


Image: Portrait of Elias Ashmole, after John Riley, National Portrait Gallery (London). Reproduced under Creative Commons.