Job Listing–Research Chair

Each year Ghent University (Flanders) has an international search to fill seven research-focused Chairs across all disciplines. The initial appointment is for five years with renewal for another five years (if one meets certain performance criteria). During this period one teaches one or two courses per year and one is offered funding support to appoint a PhD student. After ten years one is moved to a (tenured) appointment with regular teaching duties.

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The English language application form is found here:

The idea is to appoint productive, ambitious people with a research vision and to provide them with seed money to implement it. Part of the application process is to write a research proposal, which gets submitted to international referees.

Ghent is a lovely town. The philosophy department is thriving and growing and has particular strengths in history and philosophy of science, non-standard logics, history of science, and applied ethics (especially medical ethics).

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please feel free to contact Eric VENI:

[email protected]

Eric VENI Research Fellow (2005-9), Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research & Universitair Docent, Philosophy, Leiden University, PO BOX 9515, Leiden, 2300 RA, the Netherlands; Tel: 06-15005958*Research Associate, Amsterdam Research Group in History and Methodology of Economics, University of Amsterdam.