The next round of applications for the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Competition at NSF has deadline dates of October 22, 2003 and includes an emphasis on Societal Dimensions. Here’s a relevant section from the new program announcement, describing this theme for the Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Teams:

Societal and Educational Implications of Scientific and Technological Advances on the Nanoscale.

Innovations in science and technology require social support and influence social structures and processes, sometimes in unexpected ways. Examining the ethical and other social implications of these societal interactions is necessary, in order to understand their scope and influence and to anticipate and respond effectively to them. Support for nanoscience and nanotechnology is likely to enhance understanding of fundamental natural processes, from living systems to astronomy, and change the production and use of many goods and services. Studies of the varied social interactions that involve these new scientific and technological endeavors can improve our understanding of, for example, economic implications of innovation; knowledge barriers to adoption of nanotechnology in commerce, healthcare, or environmental protection; educational and workforce needs; ethical issues in the selection of research priorities and applications; implications of converging interests of different fields of science and engineering towards the nanoscale; and risk perception, communication, and management. This theme aims at a long-term vision for societal and educational implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

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